Saturday, December 17, 2022

Mastodon And The Fediverse

If you already have an account in the Fediverse, you might want to follow one of my accounts. I separate my interests and toots by topic: STEM fun topics computer work stuff current events politics

If you don’t yet have a Fediverse account then I recommend using the following tools while you can. 
First figure out where most of your Twitter friends hang out in the Fediverse.

First go to
Click “Authorise With Twitter”, enter your Twitter account and password if prompted and then “Authorize Debirdify to access your account”.

Follow the prompts and you’ll eventually see information including data visualization shown below.

You may have a better experience with “local” and “federated” feeds if you create account(s) on servers (instances) where most of your favorite Twitter follows are. Read the “about” page for instances that look like they might focus on some of your interests. Add “/about” to the end of the instance name to read server rules, moderation information and other information the owners/moderators are willing to share.
Take special notice if they share “Moderated servers”, donation information or location or legal jurisdiction information. It can be frustrating if the moderation team doesn’t let you know when they decide to block instances of people you interact with.

Next, add “/local/public” to the end of an instance name to review recent posts from people who are local to that instance.

If you like what you see, go back to the instance home page and request an account. Be polite, follow people who post interesting things in the local and federated timelines,. Click those stars to let the author of the post know that you “like” or “favorite” their posts. “Boost” is similar to retweet. Be patient as you get used to how things work and the unique culture of the Fediverse.

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