Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Outlook 2011 Soundset Modification

I got tired of the default sounds that are included with Outlook 2011 for Mac. So I traced the Outlook process and discovered the path where the sound files are stored:

/Applications/Microsoft Office 2011/Office/OutlookCore.framework/Versions/14/Resources

In this folder, there are wav files as follows:

  • goodbye.wav
  • mailerror.wav
  • mailsent.wav
  • newmail.wav
  • nomail.wav
  • reminder.wav
  • welcome.wav

I simply replaced these files with the sounds I prefer to hear. I'm sure there is a way to edit a plist somewhere and reference different filenames, but replacing the WAV files does the trick.


  1. This didn't work for me. I replace the file with one of my .wav files and used the correct name. Now my Outlook is silent. Any ideas?

  2. Hello John. I don't have any idea what might have caused your sound to be silent. Maybe your replacement wav file(s) are invalid. I would suggest opening "Preferences" from the Outlook menu, clicking on "Notifications & Sounds" and making sure that your sounds are enabled. You should be able to click the play buttons to test your new wav files.

    1. I went ton preferences to play/preview....They are checked off but will not play. What would cause an invalid .wav file? There were originally .m4r but were converted to .wav however the .wav will still play in iTunes.

    2. Outlook probably doesn't support the WAV files that resulted from whatever process you used for conversion from M4U to WAV. I would expect that iTunes is much more forgiving than Outlook. So that may be why you are able to play the files with iTunes but Outlook can't read them.

  3. So after shutting off the computer and restarting all of the new sounds are working.

  4. Why is reboot always the answer? :)


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